Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 8 - Bishop, CA 5/20

I rode 370 miles from Rohnert Park to Bishop, CA today.  There was supurb riding in the part of Yosemite I picked to ride through.  My route took me over Sonora Pass, at about 9,400 feet.  Before I got there, there was this scenic spot.

Right after this shot, the really steep, twisty road over Sonora Pass started.  I wanted to stop and take a few pictures, like one of the sign just after the pass that warned "25% grade ahead", but I was too busy.  That tall, heavy yellow GS monster of mine really does seem to enjoy being thrown through the turns.  They would have been metal-dragging turns, if it were possible to drag metal on that bike.

I did reward myself in Bridgport later, though.

Hey, check out these California gas prices!

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